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We carry Shaw Carpets

Shaw Floors has been crafting beautiful, durable carpets since 1967. Today, They  create flooring of all kinds and are named year after year by retailers #1 in Quality, #1 in Service, and #1 in Style.Come in a see the current styles today

Breath easier with Carpet

Despite common misconceptions, carpet may have no effect on your allergies. In fact, studies show carpeted rooms actually have lower levels of dust-borne allergens than rooms with hard surface floor

Carpet Saves Energy

Warm up rooms and reduce energy bills with the natural insulation and comfort of carpet. Research shows that carpet doesn’t just feel warmer, it also insulates up to 17 times better than other flooring.

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With proper maintenance, you can keep carpet looking great.Installation: Find answers  Learn everything you need to know about carpet installation.

Warranty: Learn more Come in today to  Discover Shaw’s easy to understand and compare warranties.

We are a Bliss Carpet Retailer

What make ours “The nicest carpet in the world®”Carpet makes the room. And only Bliss carpet by Beaulieu® has the blissfully innovative features that make your home, and your life, better. Here’s why we call Bliss “The nicest carpet in the world®”:Beaulieu of America, maker of Bliss, is the largest carpet specialist in the United States, so they  really do know their stuff. It’s the only thing they  do. Which is why, dollar for dollar, the Bliss in your home is the best there is.

We continuously strive to understand the needs of our customer. As a result, Bliss  developed blissfully innovative features that no other floor covering companies can duplicate. These innovations provide real benefits, not only in a more durable product, but in a better indoor environment as well. At Bliss, it’s there  conviction that whatever you might need in a soft flooring is what we strive to create.

We understand that purchasing carpeting for your home can be confusing and intimidating, so we work to make shopping for Bliss a blissful experience.

We start by keeping it simple and straightforward. Perhaps that’s why we’re known as “The nicest carpet in the world.” But don’t just take our word for it, visit The Carpet Workroom  today  and see for yourself.

What are some of the blissfully innovative features not found on any other manufacturer’s carpet at any price? Here are just a few: Magic Fresh® odor reducing treatment works to reduce common odors in your home. Silver Release® antimicrobial carpet treatment inhibits the growth of odor- and stain-causing bacteria, as well as mold and mildew. OmniLocTM Modular backing is a superior and environmentally friendly backing made with a high percentage of post-consumer, recycled waste. Green Smart® eco-friendly fiber is made from 100% post-consumer water and soda bottles and recycled into beautiful P.E.T. polyester fiber. LuxuryBac® is our high-performance backing that provides for a smooth, wrinkle-free installation, guaranteed. SoftSense™ is a BCF polyester fiber formulated by Beaulieu and found in Bliss HealthyTouch that is both seriously soft and durable. PermaShield® advanced stain protection defends your carpet from life’s occasional accidents.

Kraus Carpets Both residentail and Commercial

    Our commitment With  Kraus is to provide superior flooring products through an effective and continuous quality system. Whether for residential or commercial use we aim to provide an attractive solution that will bring you years of comfort
and satisfaction.